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since 1957​

Y'all ever hear of Prestwick, Alabama? Not many people have. It's where our mother was born and raised. In the wooded area, off an old unpaved road, where our grandmother would clean freshly caught catfish and fry it up for the family. Our mother, affectionately known as Jan, was definitely a Southern Country Girl, and Chas, our dad, would remind her of that often. Chas bragged constantly about being from the Big City of Memphis and was nowhere near being an "old country boy"... He owned being a slick Big City Man from the 40's and 50's, and wouldn't let us forget it.

Well in 1957, in Ft. Bragg North Carolina, Chas, a Military Police Officer, drove up on his motorcycle, to the "Soda Shop" where my mom, a student at North Carolina A&T, worked...and within a few months Prestwick found herself married to Memphis, and that's where it all began. Chas with his cooking skills on the grill and Jan with her amazing baking skills, blended well together, to make 50 plus years of some of the best Sunday meals imaginable.

Fast forward to today. Our family is loaded with great home cooks, Chefs, Culinary Professionals, from all over the US. We blend the tradition of down home Southern cooking with a well traveled approach to what's trending now. We have been approached throughout the years about bottling our Sweet and Sassy Original BBQ Sauce, and boxing Jan's Famous Pound Cake and more. So here we are. Making it happen, one order at a time. No compromise, no cutting corners, no exceptions. 

Our drive and commitment to exploring new flavors, that reach across the Coast, is what we focus on. 

We are a small, Privately Owned Family Business, located in the Bay Area, CA. Prestwick by Memphis is a Division of ASE Catering and Event Management. 


Chef Anita Bolton

Since 1957
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